To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest. -Unknown

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's getting korky in here!

I attempted the korker bow again. This time I am going to starch them so they hold their shape. Unlike before I made it a bit smaller which I think makes it cuter. Another tip I learned is that korkers should be full. The munchkin is going to wear it hopefully. She is becoming more opinionated these days about her clothing options. The yellow korker is on a partially lined double alligator clip. The orange korker is not quite finished yet. But I will attach it to a partially lined orange clip. This really is a fun bow to make. Well "it's getting korky in here!"

 Till tomorrow...
~Smiles & Sunshine~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Animals!

Well, it was Wild Animal Day at my day job! I had planned to wear my cheetah skirt and instead on a headband with ears, I decided to put together this pretty little piece. 

Then I thought about wearing something a little smaller and made this one...

Next I decided to wear my zebra patterned shirt... and created this headband.. .

Then I decided to wear snake! So here are my
Wild Animals!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You'll fall in love....

Orange flower with bling
I am really loving the simplicity of headbands. It's such a sweet adornment for both girls and women. The only thing is... it leads me to wishing the munchkin had more hair to wear them everyday. You'll Fall in Love  was created with a beautiful orange rust colored silk flower, with rhinestones in the center that help to dress it up. The matching elastic is 1/4". I sized it for a toddler. But I'm thinking about making one my size for Thanksgiving. If I do I'll be sure to update this post with my pic!

Monday, November 7, 2011

"A Princess"

So the munchkin colored a turkey today at school and the teacher asked her what was she thankful for so she could write it on the paper next to her turkey... "A Princess," she replies! So "A Princess" it is.

As part of my bowtique and to satisfy my munchkins need for Disney. I got some of these lovely sculpture princess bows. Featured today are Ariel, Tiana, and Aurora. I attached the sculpture to partially lined single prong alligator clips.

It worked best to position the clip horizontally so all that you see in the princess.

Oh, and I am thankful for life, love and happiness! You'll be able to find the sculpture bows available for purchase, later this week on my site Star Time Parties

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bow Bandit is BAAAACCK!!!

I'm back bow beauties!
 It's amazing how good it felt to make and piece together some beautiful bows. This morning I woke up super early... only to realize that I was up earlier than I thought due to the time change...I didn't realize until I started spreading things out on the floor, how much I had invested into this bow blog. To not restart my goal would be a waste of money. And according to Mister, aka "the husband". I can not do that! I have to give him a nickname- that seems to be a blogging rule of thumb to give all your personal family and friends nicknames. So from this day forward Mister is THE HUSBAND... and THE MUNCHKIN... is still the munchkin! And you... my wonderful following of 14... You are my BOW BEAUTIES! It's OK to not meet your goals but it's not OK to not try again. So as I would say in my acting class... take 2!
Maroon Mesh & Satin Flower on Glitter Headband
Headband fades from Maroon to a deep purple
To start things off on a smooth and consistent note, some of the pieces were purchased separately, matched and pieced together BY ME! I'm calling this piece... Bow Bandit. Seems appropriate because I am not referring to myself as the Bow Bandit. I am going to have to steal away time from family and work to accomplish this goal!

Welcome back BOW BEAUTY!