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Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to plan a kids birthday party in 6 easy steps!

To begin planning for a party I searched Pinterest like a hawk and found a lot of valuable resources and ideas. Here's a link to the Monster High Party board I started in case you are planing a Monster High party too. I'll post about that party soon.

Party Plan:

  1. PARTY SIZE: Decide if you are planning to have lots of guests or if you are going to keep it small. For the last two birthdays I kept it simple and had under 15 guests. This year I decided to go bigger and invite her entire class along with family and other friends.
  2. SET THE DATE: I am not a fan of having parties before the actual birthday- so if your child's birthday falls during the week, plan the party for the weekend after. Keep in mind that if you are having the party at a venue, you may want to keep your options open about the day and time. Sundays are usually less pricey than a Saturday afternoon.
  3. LOCATION: Once you decide what your guests limit will be, you'll need to select a location. We opted for a park this year. I was hoping to get a pavilion at a park close to home but booking only 5 weeks out limited my options. BOOK AT LEAST 6-8 weeks in advance. Be sure to consider the weather in your area. It usually rains a lot during my munchkin's birthday month. Alleviate stress about weather by thinking ahead.
  4. PARTY THEME: Let your munchkin play an active role in deciding the theme. As parent we often go overboard spending a big portion of the party budget on themed decorations. As a result we either shy away from a particular theme or go overboard. Pinterest and Google are a big help when searching for "Do It Yourself" decor. The birthday cake or party gifts table can be in the actual theme and the rest of the decor can be color coordinated. 
  5. ENTERTAINMENT: Does your child like face paint? Clowns? Bounce Houses? Ask friends and family for referrals. Be sure to ask the entertainment about their insurance and equipment used. When hosting a party at a park make sure to ask if vendor approval is required. It's a good idea to ask for the company's Facebook or website. Make sure that the entertainment dresses appropriately and has good a rapport with kids. 
    Ask about the uniform/attire that the entertainer wears!
  6. HELP: Ask for help, you'll be glad that you did. Enlist teenagers in your family to do things like take photos or lead the games. Don't forget to designate someone to help with set-up, food and drinks. Most importantly designate someone to take pictures or hire a photographer. Create a list of photos that you definitely want to take before the party is over.

Photo credit Pixabay and WarmSleepy